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Xerostom Pastillies

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Xerostom Pastillies
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    The combined use of the with product line : Increases salivary flow rate up to 200 %. Relieves pain associated with dry mouth, improves mouth and throat dryness and mitigates thirst due to lack of saliva. 
    Does not contain sugar nor citric acid or any other substances likely to cause irritation. Neutral pH. Less than 0.5 calories per pastille.

    XEROSTOM products have been formulated to avoid irritation. Its formula does not include detergent as other toothpastes do. That leads to the fact that you brush your teeth with no foam.

    Gums are protected in this way and do not suffer from the aggression and abrasion that normal toothpastes produce 
    on them.

    It is formulated at a neutral pH to care about enamel integrity.

    Its mild lemon aroma gives a nice flavor and stimulates the glands.

    It includes olive oil to protect against gram negative bacteria, so that you feel a cleaner sensation in your mouth and a long lasting fresh breath.

    It includes Xylitol and fluoride to protect efficiently against tooth decay.

    It includes betaine to improve water adhesion to the tissues.

    It includes also vitamin E and B5.


    Active Ingredients:

    Olive oil
    Xylitol and fluoride
    Vitamin E and B5


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