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Nailene Professional Nail Glue

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Nailene Professional Nail Glue
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    Nailene Professional Nail Glue creates a superior bond with precise control for all your artificial and natural nail needs. Professional salon quality formula.  

    TO OPEN: Flick the tip of the glue tube with your finger (WARNING: Do not point glue tip at eyes, face or body while opening.) Press pin into tip of tube, Place nozzle on tip of glue

    FOR ARTIFICIAL NAIL APPLICATION: Spread a thin layer of glue over nail, Press and hold nail or tip for 5 seconds

    FOR NAIL REPAIR: Place a drop of glue on nail break or tear, Hold repair in place with tweezers for 5 seconds, Buff glue area to a smooth finish

    TO REMOVE: Soak in acetone polish remover until artificial nails dissolve. Do not break or peel off nails