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Marzena Brazilian Wax 200g

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Marzena Brazilian Wax 200g
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    • 200g/7 oz jar of wax

    • 2 instant wax strips

    • spatula, and instructions



    Sucrose, Water, Maize Starch, Gylcerol, Gum Rosin, Citric Acid, Methyl Paraben, SCMC.


    Directions for Use

    1. Warming the wax

    Always wear an oven mitt or place a towel over your hand and wrist while holding or moving the heated wax to protect your hand from accidental splashes or spills.

    Prior to heating, remove the lid from the pot of wax.

    Take great care when warming the wax not to over heat it. Wax should not be hotter than 53°C any hotter and it could cause you serious injury. If bubbles appear in the wax it is too hot and the wax should be allowed to cool for at least 20 minutes before you even attempt to check the wax on your skin.

    Stir the pot well to blend all the wax to an even consistency. Even when the wax has reached what appears to be the desired consistency, you will still need to check the heat before every waxing. Do this by using a spatula to spread a little wax thinly in a small patch on the inside of your wrist. When waxing your legs or bikini line, test with a small patch on your lower leg. If it feels too hot you have overheated the wax. Remove the wax immediately and let it cool for at least 20 minutes before retesting the wax temperature.

    2. Using the microwave

    Microwaves vary in power output. Times expressed in the heating guidelines below are based on a 850 watt output microwave. Shorten heating times if your microwave is over 850 watt output. Times given are an indication only. Remember, the wax will continue to increase in temperature for up to 5 minutes after removal from microwave. Take extreme caution not to overheat. Never leave the heating wax unattended.

    HEATING – Based on 850 watt output microwave

    FULL JAR: REMOVE THE LID Heat for 20 seconds. Stop microwave. Carefully puncture holes in the wax surface with the spatula to release warm air from inside the wax. Heat for a further 10 seconds.

    HALF JAR: REMOVE THE LID Heat for 15 seconds. Stop microwave. Carefully puncture holes in the wax surface with the spatula to release warm air from inside the wax. Heat for a further 5 seconds. If further heating is required do so in 3 second periods only and check the wax carefully. Take great care not to overheat the wax.

    3. Preparation for waxing

    1. Wash and dry your hands before treatment.
    2. Wash and dry the area to be treated.
    3. Comb the hair in the direction of the hair growth.
    4. With scissors cut the hair to 5mm in length. Comb the shortened hair in the direction of the hair growth.

    4. Directions for waxing

    1. Stir the wax to an even consistency.
    2. Proceed only if the patch test 24 hours ago proved acceptable to you.
    3. Check wax temperature is at a comfortable heat.
    4. Find the direction of hair growth.
    5. Dip the spatula into the wax and apply the luke-warm wax in a short strip no longer than 50mm (1/2 the length of the supplied spatula), in the direction of the hair growth.
    6. Start from the bikini line and work inwards
    7. Avoid the temptation to scrape the spatula back and forward.
    8. Shape the end of the wax strip with the edge of the spatula so it dries with a thick raised edge –so you can grip with your fingers when the wax dries.

    Removing the Wax

    Let the wax cool into a solid strip. This should take no longer than 30 seconds, and the wax strip should still be mildly warm and pliable (not brittle). Now grip with your fingers the end of the wax you shaped into a raised edge. If the layer breaks while pulling off it will be that the layer is too thin. Apply again with a more generous layer. Very Important: You must pull back in the opposite direction of the hair growth for the hair to be removed. You must zip back fast and close to the skin, not up and away, see ZIP BACK illustration. Use the other hand and keep the skin taut. Removing any slack in the skin is very important for a comfortable treatment. Hair grows downwards. Apply the wax downwards BUT remove the wax upwards, see Hair Removal Illustrations.

    NOTE: Isolated hairs can be removed using tweezers or the instant wax strips enclosed.

    Preparing and Using Instant Wax Strips

    1. Slowly separate the plastic to produce2 wax strips
    2. Before applying observe in which direction the hair is growing
    3. Apply the strip over the hair and rub down on the strip to ensure the hair is fully encased in the wax.
    4. Grip the end of the plastic so you can pull the strip back in the OPPOSITE direction to the hair growth. Zip back fast close to the skin, not up and away from the skin. The wax strip can be applied several times per treatment. If the other strip is not used fold the ends together to preserve the strip to use another time. Discard the used strip. For any cleaning up use baby oil or cooking oil to remove any residual wax. NOTE the wax strips are not water soluble.

    After wax care

    1. Because your hair has been removed roots and all, it is normal to experience a slight redness of the skin and a tingling sensation. Gently massaging the waxed area can help stop, or greatly reduce, the tingling sensation. You may find that the application of a cold wet flannel or icepacks will calm the skin.
    2. Do not wax over the same area more than twice, including using the wax strip after using the warm wax.
    3. To avoid damage to sensitive skin, do not expose recently waxed skin, harsh sunshine or sunlamps for 7 days.
    4. Recap your pot of Marzena Brazilian Salon Wax tightly and store upright in a cool, dry place until you're ready to use again.
    5. If irritation persists stop immediately and seek medical advice.

    Cleaning Up

    Use water to clean up any remaining Brazilian Wax. Do not rub the skin.


    • Wax treatments may not be suitable for people with sensitive or problem skins.
    • Wax treatments are not recommended for the elderly or people with loose skin. Wax should not be applied over sunburn, chapped, broken or sore skin, cuts, weak scars, peeling skin or eczema. Nor should it be used on varicose veins, moles or warts, inside the nose or ears, on nipples or below the eyebrows.
    • Do not wax again within 7 days.
    • Do not use on skin that has peeled in the last 7 days.

    Take extreme caution when warming the wax. Testing or applying the wax when it is too hot could cause you serious injury. Read the instructions carefully. Proceed at all times with extreme caution. Remember the pot containing the wax will also become hot. Use an oven mitt or a towel when handling the heated pot. Place the towel around the pot and over your hand and wrist to fully protect your skin in case you have overheated, or accidentally spill the wax. Always use a spatula when testing the wax heat or when applying the wax.

    Should a burning sensation occur, stop use immediately. Soak the area in cold water for a minimum of 10 minutes (don't guess, time it precisely). Seek medical advice.

    Failure to heed these warnings may result in severe skin irritation, skin removal, burns or other injury.


    If the skin to be treated is not held taut, and the wax is not zipped or pulled back very fast and close to the skin, a pinching effect may be felt. A residue of wax will remain on the skin or worse, skin could be removed resulting in injury. Do not use the same time setting each time you heat the wax.Because the amount of wax remaining after each treatment will be less than the previous treatment, the time setting will decrease accordingly. Follow the instructions very carefully. Heating times are a guide only. Use extreme caution when testing the wax for its warmth.