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CareSens Sterile Lancets 100

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CareSens Sterile Lancets 100
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    Sterile lancets for single use with CareSens N blood glucose monitor.


    • Standard Features-
    • Lightweight plastic/ steel design
    • Constant length of exposed needle
    • Pack of 100


    Helpful advice for using lancets:

    1. Do not share lancets with other people. Lancets are only sterile at the time of first use. Sharing lancets can result in transfer of bacteria and viruses between you and others.
    2. Store safely out of the reach of children.
    3. Dispose of your lancets in a sharps container. If you are being treated with insulin, you can dispose of your lancets in the same sharps container you use for your insulin needles and syringes.
    4. It’s best to use a new, sterile lancet each time you test. Purchasing more lancets is a small price to pay for safety and prevention of infection (additional lancets are available in packs of 100 from pharmacies).

    Using your lancing device:

    1. Unscrew the tip of the lancing device and insert the lancet into the carrier. Twist off the protective disk on the end of the lancet. Save disk to recap lancet after use.
    2. Screw the tip back onto the barrel.
    3. Set the depth that you want to use; in thicker skin areas use a higher number; in thin sensitive skin areas use a lower number.
    4. Wash your hands and fingers with soap and warm water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
    5. To cock the lancing device, hold the tip in one hand and pull the sliding barrel with the other hand. The lancing device is cocked when you feel a click.
    6. Place cocked lancing device against side of fingertip. Chose a different fingertip each time you test.
    7. Press the release button. Massage fingertip to squeeze out a round drop of blood (about the size of a pinhead). Apply the pointed end of the CareSens test strip to your blood sample (see instructions for CareSens POP or CareSens II meters and CareSens Test Strips). See instructions for CareSens N or CareSens N POP meters and CareSens N Test Strips.