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Buccaline 28 Tablets - Family Pack

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Buccaline 28 Tablets - Family Pack
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    Buccaline provides family protection from the complications of colds

    For oral anti-bacterial pro-phylaxis of complications of colds

    Each tablet contains: 1000 million. Pneumoccoccus 1, 11, 111; 1000 million. Stretococcus; 1000 million. Straphyloccus; 1500 million. Haemophilus influenzae; 25mg Fel Bovis sicc; Sacchar. lact q. s.

    Distributed by:
    Berna Biotech - Switzerland

    A course of Buccaline tablets will significantly boost your body's natural immunity, providing you with protection against colds for up to 3 months
    Helps prevent: sore throats, runny nose, sneezing, coughing
    Illnesses of the upper respiratory system (the ear, nose and throat) are often caused by bacterial infections
    Viral and Flu-like symptoms are frequently complicated by Bacterial Infection, and are consequently prolonged
    Buccaline contains Bacterial agents, which significantly enhance the Natural Body Defense Mechanism and help protect against bacterial cols and chills
    Buccaline offers cost-effective and safe protection from colds and chills for :

    • At risk patients - Elderly, Bronchitis and Asthma suffers
    • Individuals who are receiving the flu injection and want additional protection
    • Young children through to adults

    Up to 3 months protection for the whole family

    Note: Protection becomes effective a few days after the last intake of Buccaline, and lasts for up to 3 months following the one 3-day course. For maintenance of an effective full winter season protection, Buccaline can be taken at the beginning and again in the middle of the cold season.



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